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Get your spontaneous, random, quirky, on-the-go travel questions answered on Qancierge. 

Be your city's travel guru and help travelers navigate your city. Earn points when you offer help.


- Plan ahead of your trip by posting questions to locals

- Ask urgent questions on the go and receive real-time help

- Create polls and ask locals for their honest opinion

- Easily search through previously answered questions

- Get exclusive deals and coupons from local businesses


All aboard!

Connect with locals virtually when you travel. Show others your city's best hidden gems. Join a community of world travelers.

A traveler in need
is a traveler indeed.

Contributing in your city to earn points. Use your points to ask for help while traveling. We are a community helping each other - no matter the distance.

Be a city champion!

Stay active and become an expert of your hometown! Use points to redeem local offers within the app. A free bagel or baguette? It is your choice. 

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